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Terms and conditions - shop.protoway.eu  

1. Purchase order

A purchase contract on which the basis is realized sale of goods from the seller to the buyer is realized after confirmation of the binding order. When the customer confirm order by e-mail or telephone, and it is realized after the previous sending electronic orders we consider order as a binding. Acknowledgement of receipt of order is not considered as a binding. Seller confirms the order after the control of availability and delivery date of the products which are required. Confirmation of order by seller (or part) is considered as binding for both sides, if there is no breach of the conditions agreed at the time of confirmation. The most important conditions are: content of the order, exact specification of the goods and number, the price of goods and transport, the method and date of delivery.

2. Order  cancellation

Order cancellation by the buyer

The buyer has the right to cancel an order without giving any reason at any time before the binding confirmation by the seller, by mail or telephone. After the binding confirmation order only if the goods has not been shipped. In case of cancellation of order which was confirmed and goods sended , the buyer must pay the seller damages resulting from this behavior. If the buyer has paid in advance for the goods, the seller refund money back by bank transfer up to 3 days from receipt of order cancellation.

Order cancellation by the seller

Seller reserves the right to cancel the order or its part in the following cases:

- purchase order could not be confirm (incorrect phone number, unavailable, does not respond to e-mail etc.)

- goods is not already produced or delivered or is significantly changed price supplier of goods. In this case, the seller will immediately contact the buyer to agree on how to proceed. In case that the buyer has paid part or full amount of the purchase price, this amount will be transferred to his account within 3 working days.

- seller has the right to cancel an order customer in the event that within 10 days will not be paid amount for the goods ( in case of bank transfer). Customer will be informed about order cancellation by email.

3. Withdrawal  from the purchase contract (distance selling)

The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract within 7 working days from receipt of goods without giving a reason according to § 12 par. 1 Act no. 108/2000 Z.z. about consumer protection. Withdrawal from the contract the buyer must make in written form and must include the identification of the purchaser, order number and date, the exact specification of the goods and how seller should will return the money back in particular a customer account number or mailing address. At the same time with the withdrawal from the contract of sale the customer must deliver goods with accessories, including documentation, manual, warranty card if it was supplied with the goods, proof of payment and so on, goods in original packaging in the form of an insured item. The buyer has the right to take over the goods, unpack and tested similarly as in classic store. The test does not mean start use it and then return to seller.

If the buyer withdraws from the contract and the goods delivered to the seller is not used and is located in the original sealed packaging and is not damaged or incomplete the seller refund to the buyer money which had paid in bind order or its part, within 15 days of receipt of the termination of the contract of sale by wire transfer on bank account of the buyer.

The seller returns in valid withdrawal from the contract to the buyer the purchase price, including the costs incurred by the buyer in connection with ordering goods, If the buyer submit documentary evidence in connection with ordered goods. Seller not pay costs by in case, If the goods are not fully conform to the requirements and is damaged. The product is considered as fully compatible with quality requirements If goods have the same or similar characteristics, as are indicated in the offer of goods on the seller's website. For the costs incurred to the buyer in connection with ordering goods shall be the cost of carrying out orders, especially the price for making a phone call, which the purchaser did a proposal to conclude the purchase contract, or the price for connection of the buyer the seller's website, during which the buyer has completed and sent form for ordering on the website or write and send mail order goods.

In case, If the buyer fails to comply with an obligation referred to in these general terms, withdrawal from the purchase contract is not valid and effective and the seller is not obliged to refund to the purchaser the purchase price and also seller has a right to refund costs associated with dispatch of the goods back to the buyer.

4. Availability  of goods

All Products in our e-shop we can provide up to 10 working days. Product will be sent after confirmation of your order within the time specified in the terms of delivery. If is the delivery period longer, the buyer will be informed about it by email or telephone.

5. Delivery  terms

Delivery of ordered goods will be according to availability of products and operational capabilities of the seller realized as soon as is possible, usually within 3-15 working days from the binding order confirmation, in exceptional cases it may be a longer delivery time, after consultation with the buyer. A the place of sampling point is determined by order of the buyer. The fulfillment of supply is considered the delivery of goods to the specified location. Part of the delivery is not the instalation of the product. The seller provide the transport to the adress designated.

Shipment of goods always includes an invoice, product instructions and warranty card. If goods have no own warranty card as a warranty card is used invoice. We provide delivery of goods throughout Slovak republic. The cost of transporting the goods we distinguished according to total order value. Delivery of ordered goods is realized via courier services, provided by GLS Slovakia.

  • Courier Transport GLS Slovakia

Goods will be delivered to delivery address specified by customer, no later than 3-8 working days (in exceptional cases it may be a longer delivery time, after the consultation with the purchaser) from the order confirmation and receipt of payment on our account in case of bank transfer. Delivery is provided by GLS courier Slovakia. Reclamation of mechanical damage from transport: Customer must check the packaging of the consignment and take it only when it is not damaged. Otherwise, you must write with driver GLS Slovakia protocol about injury or refuse to take the shipment. Mechanical damage of the product in undamaged packaging must be reported immediately upon receipt of the shipment. Later complaints of this kind will not be accepted with respect to the Returns policy of seller. We can not guarantee you the exact hour of delivery. Kurier will contact you before delivery by phone.

  • Price list is valid for transport in the Slovak Republic.

the purchase up to € 200 (including) - € 6 (including VAT)

for orders over € 200 Free Shipping

  • For Price list valid for transportation outside the Slovak republic, please contact us.

6. Method of payment

All prices on our e-shop are final and are quoted including VAT.

For the determination of quantity discounts, please contact us.

For discounted  goods - discount is valid until stock run out.

  • Bank Transfer Payment

The customer pay by bank transfer on the basis bank account details which are published on the website: www.shop.protoway.eu and sent to customers email adress. Customer pays the agreed amount after receipt of order confirmation from the seller.

7. Order status

Every customer is informed by email about order status, If entered the correct and functional email address during the order of goods.

  • The order has been accepted - this status gets the order immediately after sending the order to our e-shop. In this state, the order is not binding and may be canceled at any time by email or telephone.
  • Confirmed Order - order gets this status after sellers check whether the goods is available at our warehouse and after receiving payment on our account in case of bank transfer. At this state, the order is binding and you can cancel it by email or phone, just in case if the ordered goods have not been dispatched. From this moment starts the delivery time that is specified in the section TRANSPORT.
  • Sent order - order gets this status after handover of goods to courier from GLS Slovakia
  • Order is in process - at this state is order, If the ordered goods we have not available on stock. We will immediately inform the buyer by email or telephone and arrange a follow-up.
  • Finished order - paid goods and sent to the customer.

8. Responsibility  for defects of goods and warranty

The buyer is obliged to check the goods immediately after the delivery. If is found mechanical damage of the product packaging, the buyer must check condition of the goods and in case of the damage make a record of the damage in the presence of the carrier. Responsibility for damage during the transport bears the carrier. All goods are insured. Based on the record after the conclusion of the insured event the buyer will receive appropriate discount carrier or delivered a new product.

Complaints of mechanical damage of the product, that was not evident in receipt of the goods, must be applied immediately after its discovery, ie. immediately after the first use of the product. Later complaints of mechanical damage of the product cannot be accepted. Before using the buyer is obliged to study the warranty including the Slovak operation manual and followed by this information is strictly controlled.

The customer recieve the shipment and must (personal and impersonal) verify the completeness of the package. When the courier delivery the shipment to the customer, the customer must write Complaints Protocol about incomplete of package. For personal taking of, the purchaser must check the contents of the package immediately, additional claims will not be accepted.

Warranty period is minimum of 24 months unless specific goods is not otherwise specified and begins on the date of receipt of goods by customer.

Warranty does not apply normal wear things (or parts) caused by using. Shorter product life can not therefore be considered as a fault and we can not complain.

In case that received goods and is not in conformity with the contract (the conflict with the contract), the buyer has the right to the seller free of charge and without delay, case was put into the state of the corresponding with purchase contract, according to buyer's requirements either return the goods, or repair. If such action is not possible, the buyer may require adequate discount from the price of goods or rescind the contract. This is not valid if the purchaser before taking of the goods against with the contract knew or conflict with the contract itself caused. Contradiction with the purchase contract, reflected within six months from the date of delivery shall be deemed to be in contradiction already in existence in its receipt, if it does not contradict nature of the goods or if the contrary is proved. In case of conflict with the contract goods the consumer has the right to so. rectify the situation, namely:

- free, bringing consumer goods into a state corresponding corresponding with contract by repair 

- adequate price reduction

- alternative delivery of the goods

- withdrawal from the Contract

Law of liability for defects shall be applied at the seller in which the case has been purchased. Purchased goods must be delivered by courier ordered by seller to:

ProtoWay s.r.o.

Klemensova 6

811 09 Bratislava

tel.: +421 948 333 885

e-mail: shop@protoway.eu

contact person: Mgr. Simona Smolenová

If the claimed defect was caused by consumers - the product damage, misuse or improper handling of, the consumer is obliged to compensate the seller for all costs associated with activities necessary to ensure the service action. The seller not responsible for defects resulting from mechanical damage to the product, by operation in unsuitable conditions (chemically aggressive, dusty, humid environment in a strong magnetic field ...), interventions in the product other than by an authorized person (authorized service), or were caused by natural disaster or incorrect supply voltage.

If is not determined to perform the repair other person (eg an authorized service center), the seller is obliged to accept a complaint. The seller is obliged to accept a complaint, but then forwarded to an authorized service center. The seller decides on complaints immediately, in complicated cases within 3 working days (based on the expression of authorized service). Into this period does not include the time required for expert assessment of the defect. Complaint shall not exceed 30 days unless the buyer and seller agree on a longer period.

About result of the complaint will be informed buyer immediately after the decision on the right of the complaint by telephone, while it will be delivered via e-mail, respectively. registered post Complaints Protocol.

Information about service centers for customer service is available on the the back of the warranty card, respectively. We can provide it on request by phone or e-mail.

The complaint procedure: In the application, please observe the following complaints procedure:

1. Fill out the form below and submit.

2. Within 24 hours (on weekdays) will be sent email information about how to proceed.

3. Send goods to our address together with warranty card and proof of purchase.

4. Immediately after receipt of complaint is for the consumer of the goods issued proof of receipt of the complaint (in accordance with the provisions of § 18 par. 5 Consumer Protection Act). Claim record is in form of a letter or e-mail sent to the consumer.

9. Privacy  policy

The Contracting Parties agree that the buyer in case that is is a physical person is obliged to notify the seller your name and surname residence address including post code, telephone number and email address. In case that a legal person is obliged to notify the seller your business name, business address including post code, ID number, telephone number and email address. This information is necessary to identify you as the buyer. We use them to realization and pay for the booking of your purchased goods, to the correct distribution of goods and to communicate with you. Allow us to to make the necessary accounting operations, make a tax document, possibly to identify your payment through the bank transfer. All data are stored in a protected database on the server of the operator. The data buyer may change after logging into your account. Your data does not reveal to any other entities, except for organizations with which cooperation is essential for the correct execution of your order. These are mainly banks (in some cases to provide your name) and courier services (address for delivery). These data are not always provided for a single handle your specific order. If the buyer wants to cancel the registration, please contact us by e-mail. Registration will be canceled. If the buyer decides to delete their e-mail from the newsletter can delete it yourself and make it by logging into own account. By using the internet shop www.shop.protoway.eu the buyer agrees to collect and use information about him and his purchases As amended by Law no. 428/2002 about personal data protection in information systems. The buyer gives to the seller the agreement for an indefinite period and can be withdrawn at any time in written form Approval shall expire within a period of 1 month from receipt of the appeal the consent of seller.