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.NET Cards

Gemalto .NET cards bring the latest technology at the service of organizations committed to take their IT Security and Identity & Access infrastructure to the next level. Two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions help secure your company's digital assets from end to end. Gemalto .NET comes equipped with support for 2 different 2FA technologies: One Time Passwords (OTP) and Digital Certificates (PKI). You can choose one of theese cards or combine both cards for different purposes.

Classic TPC Cards

Classic TPC Cards are smartcards immediately compatible with the Classic Client middleware. Classic TPC Cards are smartcards designed for applications based on Public-key.

TOP Java Cards

Gemalto's Trusted Open Platform (TOP) family of Java Cards offers a comprehensive array of features and options for logical and physical access control applications. Support for key Java Card (JC) and Global Platform (GP) specifications, a broad range of memory capacities, and extensive set of proven applets make TOP Java Cards an optimal platform for business and public sector smart card deployments. They are ideally suited for all applications that require secure identity credentials, including one time password authentication, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services, digital transactions, and e-purse.